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Huawei p30 pro Price in BD | Huawei p30 pro

Huawei p30 pro Price in BD | Huawei p30 pro


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Periscope Telephoto LensHuawei P30 Pro is coming with a periscope telephoto lens for the first time in a smartphone. It lets the user zoom in without losing image quality. The SuperZoom Lens allows 10x hybrid zoom with spectacular details. It even allows up to 50x zoom which can, for example, make the moon big and bright before capturing it. RYYBHuawei P30 Pro captures about 40% more light by replacing RGGB with RYYB. Digital cameras were so far using the 25% red 50% green and 25% blue color to process the colors of the image. Huawei has replaced the 50% green with 50% yellow. This innovative engineering allowed the photos to capture 40% more light than a regular RGGB photo. Clear Shots in The DarkThe P20 Pro was already one of the best night-time cameras last year. This year, P30 Pro gets in even better position with a whole new level in night-time photography. It captures clear, bright photos in the dark with excellent color accuracy and sharpness. It is the best night-time smartphone camera we have seen until March 2019. TOFThe 4th camera on the back is a small TOF camera which measures the depth of the objects to provide bokeh shots with more professional blur, finer sharpness and details.

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