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Old Style Telephone of 1921s

Product ID : 13573

Brand : Other

Price : ৳ 4,500 Taka

Call : 01911151717

Last Update : 51 years ago

Stall : High Tech Corporation

Description :

This is a very classic retro phone

The antique telephone has the value of ornamental and collection of crafts.

The antique telephone is not suitable for home or office furnishings.

It has the modern communication function and the appearance of ancient old-fashioned telephone. It has beautiful appearance, unique design and classical beauty.

Antique telephones are particularly simple, elegant, noble, stylish, and warm, and have the use value of modern telephones.



Product description

This is a retro turntable version - single bell version

Can be dialed and answered normally, old-fashioned retro rotary dialing, no display, so no caller ID function.

There are replay function and hands-free calling function, only one type of electronic ringtone.

Reference Size:

Base diameter: about 20cm*16cm

Height: about 32cm

Microphone length: about 25cm

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