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Maxfire Grandius 8 Button Tubro Gamepad

Product ID : 3682

Brand : Genius

Price : ৳ 1,050 Taka

Call : 01713484311

Last Update : 1 week ago

Stall : Star Tech

Description :

Maxfire Grandius 8 Button Tubro Gamepad MaxFire Grandias is the latest game pad from Genius specifically designed for PC gamers. It features the Turbo function for auto repeat, which is great for action or shooting games. An eight-way D-pad fits perfectly in your fingers and it's much easier to use than the directional keys on your keyboard. With eight action buttons, It includes four side buttons for the best control in action games. Now, you can use both hands when you mimic your favorite heroes in PC games! Also, the ergonomic design makes the game pad comfortable to hold and is durable. The USB interface supports plug-and- play, no additional driver required and MaxFire Grandias is Windows Vista capable. Just grip MaxFire Grandias, plug in the USB interface to your PC, set your Turbo buttons, and you’re on your way to take on your favorite game 01 Year Warranty

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