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GPS Tracker Smart Watch for Kids Location with Communication Q50

Product ID : 12310

Brand : Other

Price : ৳ 3,799 Taka

Call : 01973 402 745

Last Update : 1 year ago

Stall : Gadget Time BD

Description :

Q50 OLED Screen GPS Smart Kid Watch SOS Call Location Finder Locator Tracker for Children Anti Lost Monitor Baby Wristwatch. 


  1. About the register of the watch, how to download APP?

Scan the QR code on the last page of the manual, two options (depending on your option)


  1. The difference of the language of the watch and APP, how to set the language?
  2. APP, choosing on the login interface
  3. Watch, when you register and login successfully, set the language in the APP


  1. When the watch cannot identify the SIM card, and there is no sound in the calling
  2. Please take some videos of operation of inserting the SIM card
  3. In the calling, there is a prompt of sound lower or higher on the display
  4. There is no sound, please make sure the watch cannot hear or the phone cannot hear


  1. How to inquire the parameter of the watch
  2. There is signal after inserting SIM card, use your phone to send message to the tel number of watch, text: pw, 123456, ts#
  3. if there is no response, please check your SIM card has message function and restart your watch to text again.


  1. How to store contacts?

Please turn on the contacts of your app, setting to store contacts to store and the watch will show the contacts.


  1. What is about the location, how many locations does it have? How to solve the problem of inaccurate positioning
  2. There are two locations: 1 LBS, 2 GPS
  3. The position is according to the signal and the range of the base station.


  1. What kind of SIM card is suitable for the watch?
  2. Micro SIM card
  3. The SIM card is 2G and the 4G, 3G all compatible


  1. There is SIM card, but the watch has no network and cannot connect with the phone
  2. Please tell us the SIM card provider
  3. How about the flow of the SIM card
  4. Please text pw, 123456, ts# to inquire the parameter of the watch


  1. 9. The watch cannot turn on, and after the power is finished, how long the watch stands by?
  2. under the situation of no power, the watch will not affect when you charge it. After you charge it for 10 minutes, you can see the watch is in charging or not.
  3. The watch has full power; the time of standby is 2 to 3 days.


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