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Sunglass Spy Video Camera BD | Sunglass Spy Video Camera

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Professional Spy Video Camera Glasses w/ Sunglasses Lens

Product Feature :

Professional Spy Video Camera Glasses with Sunglasses. This spying cam glasses can record video from your point of view in secret. Includes both clear glass for inside surveillance and dark lenses for outside observation. When you pair this piece of cutting-edge spy eyewear with your own mobile DVR unit, you’ll have a potent, hands-free surveillance system, recording and storing quality, 640x480 resolution video at any time you wish. Everything is built compact using quality parts that are virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glasses. No obvious camera pinhole or thick shiny plastic frames that scream "Look at me!" When the secret service need ultra covertness, this is the hidden camera they use. Plus it now includes dark lenses so you can wear them as sunglasses! Record everything to the optional Mini DVR! With the Professional Glasses Hidden Camera, you can: Covertly record quality surveillance video of everyone around you; Keep a video log of your vacation - from your point of view; Be ready to capture hands-free video at all times. The Professional Sunglasses Hidden Camera includes: clear lens, dark lens, camera glasses, RCA cable, battery case (batteries not included), adaptor cable for battery case, lens cleaning cloth.

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