20 watt COB Solar Street Light

LED Street Light 

The Cob LED Street Lig...
Price: 3000 Taka

10 watt Solar Street Light

প্যাকেজে থাকছেঃ সোলার প্যানেল � ...
Price: 55000 Taka

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Product Details :

Motorcycle LED Light Bar

Product ID : 1275

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Price : ৳ 1,000 Taka
Cell : 01873 555 666
Last Update : 4 months ago

Description :

LED lighting is an ideal choice for any motorcycle. For one thing, you want the most efficient lighting option available in terms of light output per Watt. Modern LED lights provide just that and their efficiency continues to improve every year. The lights on motorcycles are subjected to greater vibration and weather exposure than those on cars as well. Again, LED light bars are the most appropriate choice due to their long life, the lack of filaments and high moisture and dust ingress ratings. Motorcycles need all the help possible to improve their visibility to other drivers. Since LED light bars are lightweight and sip power, more can be used without burdening the machine’s power system or battery. Furthermore, their broad choice of shapes, beam widths, colors and flash options significantly improve how well you are seen on the road.

Product Feature :

* 50,000+ hours of LED life * No filament detach or burnout * Low battery drain * Highest luminosity per Watt on input power * Built-in redundancy with multi-LED light bars * Lighter than other options * Minimal drain on batteries * Colors and flash patterns available * Widest variety of colors and styles

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