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Kemei Rechargeable Trimmer

Product ID : 740

Brand : Kemei

Price : ৳ 1,000 Taka

Call : 01681 112 225

Last Update : 1 month ago


Description :

Kemei Rechargeable Trimmer (3060) ON/Off switch with integrated lock Beard / Moustache Trimmer Stainless Steel Blades 5 Cutting Lengths Moustache Comb Cleaning Brush Sleek and Stylish Ergonomic Design High-speed drive: Linear motor drive Motor Speed: 10,000 RPM Use days (use for about three minutes during a day once): 14 Chargeable battery kind: Lithium-ion battery Voltage: AC100-240V Mens Electric Shaver with Precision Stainless Steel mesh Blades Smart toil unique foil pattern captures hairs growing from different directions for a closer shave Silver Pd alloy motor of high rotational speed Rechargeable shaver 8 hours charge One time electric charge can be continuosly shaved for 3 days

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