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GENIUS Vibration Feedback Joystick

Product ID : 3692

Brand : Genius

Price : ৳ 3,000 Taka

Call : 01709 995 417

Last Update : 1 month ago

Stall : Star Tech

Description :

Yes! You can also find a vibration feedback joystick in the MetalStrike Series as well! his joystick from Genius, MetalStrike Pro, gives you different levels of vibration feedback when flying your planes. In a black-polished design, imagine you are the captain of an airship in Star Wars, MetalStrike Pro gives you a different experience in flying games. The 4-axis function including the rudder is ideal for simulated flight games and can provide Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, and Power controls. It also has 13 buttons, an 8-way “point of view” hat switch, and a Turbo function for auto-repeat so you can fly your aircraft just like a real plane. An adjustable handle position for comfortable control, three levels of air control to keep your hand cool and dry but also make it exciting when flying. Captain! Ready to start your mission, hold the MetalStrike Pro, and let’s go!

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