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Product ID : 3680

Brand : Genius

Price : ৳ 1,700 Taka

Call : 01713484311

Last Update : 18 hours ago

Stall : Star Tech

Description :

MaxFire Blaze5 is the latest game pad from Genius and features 12 programmable action buttons for PC and PlayStation 3. MaxFire Blaze5 features the new XInput standard for games on Windows. Most of the latest released games that support gamepads use the XInput standard so you don’t have to configure the buttons. The ergonomic, streamlined shape fits your hands and gives your fingers perfect support, which improve your game control. The Turbo function provides auto repeat, which is great for shooting and action games. Now, plug MaxFire Blaze5 into your PC or PlayStation 3, and get yourself ready to begin a battle immediately.

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