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10 watt Solar Street Light

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Digital Timer 1500 Watt

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Description: Digital timer is one type of automatic switch which can turn on/off any electrical equipment like light,fan,AC,water pump,heater,TV and others. This timer has LCD display, microprocessor,backup battery, 3 control switch and one 30A relay. There are multiple options to set the timer according to user requirements. By this timer, an equipment can be controlled several times each day. Or can be controlled in fixed time each day. User can adjust the delay time, run duration, starting time point, etc from 1 milisecond to 900 minutes or 24 hours. Specification: input power : AC 220v 50Hz. output : AC 220v 1500Watt Max Relay : 30A one relay backup battery : 48 hours Time format : 24 hours Timer option : independent 3 times Duration : 1 to 999 mili sec, 1 to 900 minutes. Multi Timer : 2 to 700 times on/ off per day A product of JK-Technology Bangladesh From Bangladesh

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