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Caboki Hair Building Fiber BD | Caboki Hair Building Fiber

Product ID : 8476

Brand : Other

Price : ৳ 2,000 Taka

Call : 01744 344 333

Last Update : 1 month ago


Description :

Look 10 years younger, in seconds. Caboki instantly eliminates the appearance of hair loss, baldness and thinning hair, it is 100% natural, free of synthetic dyes. Products Specifications: An instant solution to your hair loss problems, Caboki Hair Building Fiber is far superior as they use better ingredients that give your hair a more natural and lifelike appearance. Eliminates Bald Spots or Appearance of Thinning Hair. It will provide that perfectly natural look even when you're outdoors in the bright sun light, as it clings on to your existing hair, instead of falling to your scalp, therefore hiding all bald spots or thinning hair.

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