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Automatic Pump Controller (Simple)

Product ID : 12140

Brand : Other

Price : ৳ 2,500 Taka

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Last Update : 10 months ago

Stall : JK Technology

Description :

Description: Automatic Water Pump controller will START the-water-pump as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level and it will SWITCH OFF the-water- pump as soon as the tank is full. Automatic Water Pump controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water. This device will indicate overhead_water_status, reservoir_status and Pump_status by its three LED (Red, green, Yalow). Specification: 1. Applicable for home/ office/ industry and more. 2. Single phase 220v AC. 2200watt max load. 3. Size :17cm X 12cm X 4cm, 400gram. 4. Internal voltage : 5vDC, 12vDC and 220vAC 5. Water sensor Voltage : 5v. 6. ON/OFF switch for manual control. 7. Internal 30A Relay, N/O 8. Control by atmega8 Micro-controller. features and advantages: 9. Fully automatic and Easy installation. 10. Dual Tank monitoring (overhead + reservoir). 11. Ensure no overflows or No dry running. 12. Automatic Run time limit 13. one year guarantee. A product of Jk-Technology Bangladesh From BD

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